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Maintenance Cleanings

Maintenance cleanings are typically performed weekly or every other week and consist of basic dusting and polishing, vacuuming, and damp mopping of hardwood and/or tile flooring.  On top of these basic tasks, bathroom fixtures are also thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and kitchens are also cleaned with attention given to sinks, stove tops, counters, appliance fronts and also cabinet door fronts where necessary.  Pricing can range between $30 to $40/hour to start.  However, once a regular schedule of cleaning has been established, a by-the-job price can be negotiated.

Seasonal Cleanings

Seasonal cleanings are heavier cleanings performed throughout the year.  Usually, seasonal cleanings are scheduled in the Spring and/or the Fall.  As always, cleanings can be tailored to each clients need.  Typically, seasonal cleanings can feature the washing of walls and/or woodwork.  Lighting fixtures and delicate chandeliers can be carefully and meticulously cleaned.  The inside of windows could also be cleaned.  (Currently, Gleam is unable to provide complete window washing services, as we would need the proper staging, etc.). Pricing can range between

$35 to 45/hour depending on the level of cleaning needed to get your home gleaming the way you would like.

One Time & End of Construction Cleanings

Do you have rental turnovers that need a good cleaning to help get them ready to be re-listed or to be ready for the next tennant?  Maybe you have had some construction done at your home and you would like some help getting rid of the construction dust and to help get it ready for living?  Pricing can range between $40 to $50/hour for these services.  However, if you need some significant cleaning performed and don't have the time, please call us for a free estimate. 


“I would like to give my strong recommendation for Christina …

Christina is reliable & trustworthy with all aspects of housekeeping.  She is very organized & extremely meticulous.  My house has never looked better.

Christina is an invaluable asset to any household and I highly recommend hiring her.  If you would like to discuss her work ethic any further please feel free to contact me.”


Karen, Bristol, Rhode Island